Overwatch Reaper's Code of Violence Challenge: How to Play, Watch, and Earn

Overwatch / Photo by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Overwatch has announced its Reaper's Code of Violence Challenge, taking place from Feb. 22 to March 8. Here is a cohesive guide on what is included in this event and how to obtain the rewards.

Overwatch Reaper's Code of Violence Challenge: How to Play, Watch, and Earn

From now until March 8, you can play games in Quick Play, Competitive Play, and Arcade to collect unique rewards. These rewards will be on top of the regular weekly rewards that are given out. In addition to this, every win that you get counts as two games. If you play nine games, you receive a limited-time Dusk Player Icon. After 18 games, you'll obtain a deadly mischief spray. Lastly, if you play 27 games, you get a Legendary Dusk Reaper Skin.

There are even more opportunities to unlock rewards during this event. If you watch any participating Twitch streamer while they are playing Overwatch, you have the chance to get six Reaper's Code of Violence Challenge sprays that are distinct to this event. In order to be eligible for these rewards, you have to link your Battle.net account to your Twitch account. You can link your accounts at the Twitch Connections page.

By watching two hours of Overwatch gameplay on Twitch, you will receive the Grim Calling Spray. If you watch two more hours, you can get the Crusader and Calculating Sprays. For watching two more hours of gameplay, you will acquire the Resurrection, Death and Deceit, and Code of Violence Sprays.

There is also a new Overwatch short story that is affiliated with the event: "Code of Violence" by Brandon Easton. This short story focuses on the aftermath of the demolished Overwatch Swiss headquarters. Following this, Gabriel Reyes sets off on a Talon mission with Sombra, an operative counterpart. It focuses on how Reyes has become the Reaper and the impact that it has on him.