Overwatch Releases Secret Zarya Nerf

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

A hidden feature in the newest Overwatch patch has made Zarya a lot less tanky against other heroes.

Zarya's barrier used to be one of the most powerful features a tank has in the game. But ever since they buffed Reinhardt's Earthshatter ability, she can no longer block it, which makes him a great counter for her.

Previously, when Zarya's bubble would get attacked, it would allow her to gain charge in her primary weapon, which only made her more lethal. It also let her tank crowd control abilities without getting stunned. So a Reinhardt's Earthshatter used to be the best thing for a Zarya.

In a Reddit post to r/Overwatch, u/mercrazzle posted a clip that shows off the Zarya nerf in slow motion to get all the most important parts in every detail.

Overwatch Releases Secret Zarya Nerf

Now that Reinhardt can deal 200 damage to enemies within close range with Earthshatter, Zarya's barrier now breaks on impact, and she gets stunned.

This is a problem for those who are used to using Zarya's Protective Barrier to avoid getting stunned in moments like this.

Since Zarya used to be able to completely protect herself and her teammates, this is a game changing update to Reinhardt's build.