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Overwatch Roadhog Rework: Everything You Need to Know

Overwatch Roadhog rework is being considered, according to Jeff Kaplan, potentially making him more like a main tank.

Recently, Jeff Kaplan spoke about how certain heroes don't quite fit with the role that they are given. Specifically, Jeff talked about how Roadhog in particular fits this category of heroes. Despite being labeled as a tank, he is far from being a traditional main tank hero like Reinhardt or Winston.

Roadhog feels more like a damage hero with a large amount of HP. As such, the Overwatch team has been considering monitoring Roadhog play over the course of the role queue on the Public Test Region servers to see if hog should be getting reworked.

Overwatch Roadhog Rework

It is possible that the Overwatch team wants heroes to be more consistent with their roles, and they may try to make Roadhog act more like a main tank hero. However, Roadhog is already loved because of his unique play style, as well as having one of the most iconic abilities in the game, the Chain Hook, which does not really fit the particular niche of a main tank. While a Roadhog rework might be considered, it may not happen because of how much a rework would change Roadhog's play style.

A similar problem was experienced earlier in the game's history with Symmetra, who was originally classified as a support character, but was then changed to become defined as a damage character, and was reworked to more appropriately fit the role.

Symmetra was unlike any other support character because she did not have the ability to heal her allies. Instead, she could provide teleporters and now-removed shield generators to help assist her team. However, because she had a particular niche that was not related to the support role, she was changed to be labeled as a damage character.

Whether or not Roadhog receives a rework, hopefully, he will maintain his unique skill set and identity in the game.

Photo Courtesy of Blizzard