Overwatch Role Queue Goes Live

Role Queue went live Tuesday in Overwatch Patch 1.39.
Role Queue went live Tuesday in Overwatch Patch 1.39. /

Overwatch role queue went live Tuesday in Patch 1.39.

Under the new Overwatch matchmaking system, players will choose a role — damage, tank or support — before they enter the matchmaking queue. The matchmaker will then build a team of six players, such that two players are chosen for each role. Once in-game, players will only be able to select heroes from their chosen role.

Each role will have its own matchmaking queue, with estimated wait times for each role displayed in the menu. Players who fill roles in high demand may receive in-game rewards.

Players will receive role-specific skill ratings, and matchmaking will change based on the rating for the player's chosen role. To be placed at an SR, players will have to complete five games of a given role, and a total of 15 to receive all three ratings.

The Role Queue system will stay on live servers as part of a two-week beta test, ending Sept. 1. Stats accumulated during the beta will not count toward players' permanent competitive stats.

Role Queue is scheduled to arrive permanently in Overwatch competitive Season 18.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard