Overwatch's Arrival on the Switch Could be Soon

There have been many instances of events over the past couple of weeks that hint at the arrival of Overwatch on the Switch. This could be a massive steal for Nintendo if it turns out to be true.

People expect for the announcement to be made at a Nintendo Direct that will be happening during next week. This is coming from a tweet made by Sabi, who is a famous Nintendo leaker.

Now with the possibility of an announcement to be made, what makes us think that it will be the release of Overwatch on the Switch?

The main support for this theory is the fact that there was a Overwatch-themed Switch case listed on Amazon accidentally earlier this week. This item would only be made if Overwatch arrived on the Switch. Fans of the game could play Overwatch on the road, though, connection to the internet is still needed, so the game is perfect for travel.

Cover Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment