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Overwatch Season 17 End Date: 3 Things to do Before it Ends

Overwatch Season 17 End Date is approaching very quickly. Here, we will tell you all you need to know about when it will end, as well as what you should do before it ends.

Overwatch Season 17 End Date: 3 Things to do Before it Ends

Overwatch Season 17 will be ending on Aug. 12. The reason this is important is because the season length was shortened by approximately two weeks in order to implement a short role queue test prior to the start of Season 18. With little time left before the season ends, here are three things you should do before it ends.

1. Play your matches!

Obviously the first thing you should do before the season ends is to play your matches. Try your best to achieve a new season high or career high, and better yet, if you achieve a higher rank, you can earn more competitive points to spend on your next golden weapon!

2. Queue with friends

Overwatch is a team based game. Having premade teams with friends will ensure that you can easily work with your teammates efficiently, and you can guarantee that everyone will be on the same page with strategies, callouts, the objective, and hero picks. It is much easier to work with friends that it is to work with random people you meet online.

3. Try some outlandish compositions, and have fun

Season 17 is the last season of Overwatch to have no role restrictions. After Season 17, compositions such as GOATS, triple dps, quad dps, and triple support will no longer be possible. During this time, if people refuse to play 2-2-2, just go along with it, and try to have fun! After all, this may be the last time you will ever have to play these compositions.

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