Overwatch Season 17 end date is the moment when each players rank for that season is locked in, kept in perpetuity on their player profile as either a badge of honor or a mark of shame. Here's when the current season of Overwatch is set to wrap up.

Overwatch Season 17 End Date

Overwatch Season 17 is scheduled to end Aug. 12. Since Overwatch Season 13, there has been no break in-between Overwatch competitive seasons. While that should indicate Season 18 will also begin Aug. 12, Season 17 is unique in that it will be followed instead by a beta for the new role queue system.

The role queue beta season will take up what would normally be the last two weeks of Season 17 to give players a chance to try the new system. That test will last from Aug. 13 to Sept. 1.

Overwatch Season 18 will presumably begin once the test wraps up.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard