Overwatch Season 18 Start Date: 3 Things to do Before it Starts

Overwatch Season 18 start date will arrive soon after the role queue test ends on live servers. Here, we will discuss the start date, as well as three things you should do before the season starts.

Overwatch Season 18 Start Date: 3 Things to do Before it Starts

Prior to Season 18 starting, there will be a short role queue test so that players can get accustomed to the new role queue feature. This will also be used as time for Blizzard to make any necessary changes before they officially release Season 18 to the live servers. This role queue test will be released immediately after the end of Season 17, which will end on Aug. 12. Although the start date of Season 18 was not announced officially, it should begin on Sept. 1, which is the date that the role queue test will end.

With that out of the way, here are three things you should do before Season 18 starts.

1. Play the Role Queue Beta When it Releases

Obviously, the first thing you should consider is to play the role queue beta once it releases. This format of 2-2-2 role locks will be the system put in place for Season 18 and all future seasons of Overwatch. You will be able to pick between Tanks, Damage, and Support roles, and you can queue for multiple roles at a time. Play whichever role is your favorite, or try out as many roles as you like. When Season 18 is released, you will have separate ranks for your roles.

2. Play With Sigma

Overwatch Hero 31, Sigma, is a barrier tank who will hit the live servers relatively soon. As such, it is important that you try to play compositions with a Sigma player on your team. If you are a tank player, try to play Sigma yourself, or encourage your tank partner to play as Sigma. Since this is only a role queue test, there are no penalties for losing games. You might as well try and learn to play with and against a new hero so that you are prepared for when he releases in the future.

3. Learn Heroes That Work Well With the Meta

Heroes like Orisa, Roadhog, Hanzo, Widowmaker, Mei, Reaper, Ana, Zenyatta, and several other are considered strong picks coming into the 2-2-2 role lock meta. It would be a wise idea to learn some of these heroes as you queue in the role queue test on live servers, so that you are prepared coming into Season 18.

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