Overwatch Season 18 start date will be the Overwatch community's next chance to earn its place on the leaderboards. With Season 17 nearing its conclusion, here's when you'll want to jump back into the competitive queue to place in Season 18.

Overwatch Season 18 Start Date

Overwatch Season 17 is scheduled to wrap up Monday, Aug. 12. Following the precedent set by Season 13, that should indicate Season 18 will start the same day.

Overwatch Season 17 is unique in that, rather than lead directly into the next season, it will end two weeks earlier than it normally would so that Blizzard can administer its role queue test. This test will last two weeks, during which no competitive season will be active.

The role queue test will end Sept. 1. Blizzard has yet to confirm that Season 18 will start that same day, but that is likely the case.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard