Overwatch Season 19 Map Pool Revealed

Overwatch Season 19 map pool was revealed Tuesday in a set of patch notes.

Overwatch is entering its nineteenth competitive season and Blizzard is changing which maps players will be playing on moving forward.

"We will also be introducing a rotating, seasonal Map Pool to competitive play starting with Season 19. The initial map pool for Season 19 has 12 maps, with 3 of each game mode. Future competitive seasons will see maps rotating in and out of the pool, providing each season with a different experience and identity," Blizzard said in the patch notes.

Overwatch Season 19 Map Pool Revealed

Here's a full list of the maps available in Overwatch competitive Season 19:

  • Assault: Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, Volskaya Industries
  • Hybrid: Hollywood, King's Row, Eichenwald
  • Control: Nepal, Lijiang Tower, Busan
  • Escort: Dorado, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Havana

A rotational map pool should help keep Overwatch competitive seasons fresh. It'll be interesting to see how the seasonal map pools rotate and align with Overwatch League map pools.

Overwatch Season 9 starts Thursday at 1 p.m. ET.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard