Overwatch Season 22 Tier List: Best Tank Heroes

Overwatch competitive season 22 tier list of the best tank heroes.
Overwatch competitive season 22 tier list of the best tank heroes. / Image courtesy of Blizzard

Overwatch season 22 tier list covers the best tanks to use in the game. The largest heroes in Overwatch are the tanks. Tanks are core members of the team, whether they are diving enemies of holding up a shield. Staying in the know about the best tank heroes during competitive season 22 is important to be able to choose the best tanks for any match.

Overwatch Season 22 Tier List: Best Tank Heroes

S Tier

There is only one true S tier tank at the moment, and it's D.Va. Her shield may not be as impressive as most of the other tanks right now, but she more than makes up for it with her damage and mobility. Good D.Va players may be hard to find, but are truly unmatched on the battlefield.

  • D.Va

A Tier

All three shield tanks are A tier because nothing rallies a team behind a tank like a shield. Orisa and Reinhardt are both good choices for main shields, depending on the map and team composition. Orisa is capable of doing more damage, but Reinhardt is a more reliable and mobile shield. Sigma is a very powerful off tank because he can block off snipers and other broken off members of the enemy team as well as do some damage.

  • Orisa
  • Sigma
  • Reinhardt

B Tier

The B tier tanks are lagging a little behind A tier, but are still good choices depending on the situation. Wrecking Ball is unparalleled in his ability to get to a payload quickly and contest for a very long time, but he isn't the best tank to have in a direct team fight. Zarya is a good choice if the enemy team includes DPS heroes like Junkrat so she can stay charged up throughout the match.

  • Wrecking Ball
  • Zarya

The Rest

The rest of the tanks just fall a little short. Winston struggles with survivability, because even though he has the mobility to dive in, he is lacking in self-preservation abilities to keep him alive long enough to get out again. Roadhog has strong sustain thanks to his heal, but it also gives him the not so incredible ability to charge enemy ultimates.

  • Winston
  • Roadhog