Overwatch Sigma vs Megaman Sigma: Which One Remains Supreme?

Overwatch Sigma vs. Megaman Sigma is a comparison that's on everyone's mind. The two villains share more than just a few similarities, so let's check them out.

Overwatch's Sigma is the game's 31st Hero, a tank who has power over gravity. Megaman's Sigma was the main antagonist in the Megaman X series, who led a revolution against humanity by controlling other Reploids to do his bidding.

Overwatch Sigma vs. Megaman Sigma

They're both bald, they both wear big robot suits (well, Megaman's Sigma is a big robot), and they both have abilities that bend the laws of nature. Aside from these visual similarities, their stories have some parallels as well.

Overwatch's Sigma was a brilliant astrophysicist whose powers developed during a failed black hole experiment. The catastrophic failure shattered his mind, causing what seems like a second, violent personality to emerge. He would go on to serve the terrorist group Talon as a living weapon.

Sigma from Megaman was originally an advanced Reploid and Maverick Hunter, who, in a battle with Zero, became infected with the Maverick Virus. The Virus fused with Sigma's mind, and then became known as the Sigma Virus. Sigma became increasingly violent, and gained the ability to control other Reploids. He is radicalized and began a revolution against humanity.

Both Sigmas were originally morally upstanding individuals who had their minds corrupted in an accident. However, Overwatch's Sigma is unaware his abilities are used for evil, while Megaman's Sigma went on to torment humanity for years. We'll just have to see how far Blizzard will take their Sigma, and if he'll become conscious of his villainy.