Overwatch 'Silencer' Trick Lets Torbjörn Shoot Without Giving Away Position

"Take shots without giving away your position."
"Take shots without giving away your position." / Photo courtesy of McMagicMarv, Blizzard

When using a hero lacking in the mobility department as much as Torbjörn in Overwatch, it especially pays off to play smart and resourceful.

While most of Torbjörn's ability to impact a game lies in his turret, that isn't to say, however, that players should be neglecting his Rivet Gun either.

Thanks to this piece of tech, it seems there is a way for Torbjörn players to mute the sound of their shots, allowing them to be a bit more aggressive without having to give away their position so easily.

As shown by YouTuber McMagicMarv, there is a way to give Torbjörn's Rivet Gun a "silencer."

To do this, the only thing players need to do is swap to Torbjörn's Forge Hammer quickly after taking each short with the Rivet Gun. This can be done with both Torbjörn's long-range fire for those pop shots out of cover, and even his close-range alternate fire for those daring enough to flank with the 57-year-old.

This is likely just one of the many mechanics unintended by Blizzard to be in the game, but it has been commonly seen in other titles such as Call of Duty, where pulling out a throwing knife mutes the shot of a sniper.

Of course, doing this trick also slows down Torbjörn's rate of fire pretty drastically, so you'll have to get a feel for when using this tech is viable.

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