Overwatch Sombra's Voice Actor Grabs a Similiar Hair Cut

Overwatch Sombra's voice actor, Carolina Ravassa got a haircut similar to that of the machine pistol wielding Overwatch hero. She posted the footage via her YouTube Channel.

Ravassa along with Anjali Bhimani traveled to a hair salon to get the iconic hairstyle.

Ravassa avoids all of Bhimani's voicemails in order to go to the salon before being interrupted mid-cut by an angry Bhimani. When being threatened with having her head shaved from the barber, Bhimani jokingly explains, "I'm Indian. If you cut my hair I'll lose all my strength."

Ravassa's channel, titled "Hispanglosaxon," features a wide variety of skits, vlogs, and Overwatch videos relating to both the game and her relationship with the character of Sombra. Other notable Overwatch voice actors who have appeared on her channel include Brian Dechart, the voice of Connor, as well as Elise Zhang, the voice of Mei.

Image Courtesy Carolina Ravassa