Overwatch Storm Raging Tier List

Overwatch Storm Raging tier list can help you build your team for this tough challenge
Overwatch Storm Raging tier list can help you build your team for this tough challenge / Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch Storm Raging tier list will help you pick the best heroes to make it out of this challenge alive.

During the Storm Raging mission, players will be constantly assaulted by enemy fire, omnics, and soldiers in their attempts to reach the end. Ultimately, this challenge is all about survival and strategy. There are a lot of effects to keep track of and quite a few specific plays you'll need to make. Choosing heroes for this frustrating well-known challenge can be more difficult than it appears.

Overwatch Storm Raging Tier List

S tier heroes include Orisa, Baptiste, Zenyatta, McCree and Bastion.

A tier are Roadhog, Sombra, Mercy, Lucio, Soldier 76, and Ana.

B tier heroes are D.va, Torbjorn, Sigma, Ashe, and Genji.

We don't recommend straying too far from the heroes listed above.

When you see the word "survival" you should think tank. As always, Orisa is a great choice for this. She may not do well when the snipers become "enraged" from their position, but that's a problem for the DPS units on your team. You want to take the waves as they appear so charging in with Reinhardt won't do you any good.

You likely won't have luck running other bulky heroes like Winston or Roadhog. Hog would be the better of the two, but for all intents and purposes it's just better to stick with Orisa.

As far as supports go, a combination of Zenyatta and Baptiste works wonders. This challenge is less about your individual mobility and more about working as a team, so Zen's healing and Baptiste's Immortality are fantastic.

Mercy is fine if your teammate is quick and pays attention. However, most players tend to favor Baptiste's AoE of healing. You'll typically only see others playing Mercy for her resurrection.

DPS mains will find the best success playing McCree, Soldier 76, or Bastion. You want characters who can put down enemies while putting up with a bigt of annoyance, themselves. Bastion should be among your first choices, but the reservation surrounding him is understandable. This hero hasn't been popular in the scene in a bit.

You may find your picks with Genji, as well. Heroes such as Sombra, Genji, and McCree can stun enemy assassins for easy pickings.