Overwatch Storm Rising Achievements: Full List and How to Complete

Overwatch Storm Rising achievements went live Tuesday with the start of the Storm Rising event.

Overwatch Storm Rising is part of the seasonal Archives event family, this time taking players back in time to Havana, Cuba as Overwatch tracks down Talon associate Maximilien.

Additionally, previous Archives events and modes returned for players to either replay or try for the first time. With every new event, though, there are new achievements for players to complete.

Here's every achievement in Overwatch Storm Rising and how to complete them.

Overwatch Storm Rising Achievements

Here is every Storm Rising achievement available and the task needed to complete each:

Storm Rider

  • Complete Storm Rising (All Heroes) on Expert difficulty

Storm Chaser

  • Complete Storm Rising (All Heroes) with every hero on Hard difficulty

Eye of the Hurricane

  • Complete Storm Rising (All Heroes) on Legendary difficulty with no incapacitations

Storm Warning

  • Complete Storm Rising (Story) with each of the four heroes
  • Tracer, Mercy, Genji, Winston


  • Complete Storm Rising (Story) on Expert difficulty


  • Complete Storm Rising (Story) on Hard difficulty


  • Complete Storm Rising (Story) on Legendary difficulty


  • Complete Storm Rising (All Heroes) with eight different heroes

The beauty about this event's achievement list is that some can be completed in just one go. For example, beating the Storm Rising event mode on a higher difficulty will also complete the ones for challenges available on lower difficulty.

Overwatch Storm Rising runs until May 6.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment