Overwatch Storm Rising: Is Cuba Getting Wiped Out by a Hurricane?

Overwatch Storm Rising references the Hurricane Fernand that is about to hit Cuba. But could it actually be an artificial weapon created by Talon?

Overwatch Storm Rising: A Theory

Reddit user Number9Robotic proposed the most fascinating theory yet to what the Storm Rising Archives event will bring. The anonymous user looked at the teasers so far and noted the coming of Hurricane Fernand, which will bring gale force winds and mass flooding to Cuba. But Number9Robotic notes that it is odd that according to the map, the hurricane is moving from Florida to Cuba when it is usually the opposite. Could someone (Talon) have the power to control the hurricane? Could this be a hint at a new, weather-bending Overwatch hero?

Perhaps this is a message about climate change too. The Reddit user also brings up Mei's observations that something mysterious is increasing the rate of climate change, besides global warming and industrialization.

Number9Robotic's final piece of evidence is along these lines. Looking at the Earth from present-day Horizon Lunar Colony, one can see that Cuba seems to be gone. Because Florida is still there, something unnatural must have removed Cuba. What we can be sure of is that more theories and speculations will be tossed around as the Storm Rising event makes its final landfall.

The Storm Rising will run from April 16 to May 6. Baptiste has already been given a new Legendary Talon skin. Will his previous affiliations with Talon play into the Storm Rising event?

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment