Overwatch Storm Rising New Teaser Hints at Doomfist in Future Content

Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment
Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment /

A new Overwatch teaser was released on Thursday April 25 tying into the recently-released Storm Rising mission in the annual Archives event.

The teaser is presented as an archived audio file of the interrogation of Maximilien, the Omnic villain who is a member of the Talon organization and the target of the Storm Rising campaign.

In the event, Tracer, Genji, Winston and Mercy take to Havana to capture Maximilien and find information on Doomfist, the elusive Talon leader. In the teaser, Maximilien agrees to provide information on Doomfist in exchange for a lighter punishment and agreed-upon silence on his involvement in Doomfist's pursuit.

Maximilien then reveals that Doomfist will be Singapore in three weeks' time.

The teaser could mean many things. It could be a hint at Singapore as the next map, although this is doubtful given that the Havana map was just unveiled and the schedule rarely sees back-to-back map releases.

It could be related to the Overwatch anniversary event which would take place in roughly three weeks near the last week of May.

It could be related to new lore, either in the form of additional Archives missions. It may even hint towards the next hero after Baptiste, one who may be of Singaporean origin. A new hero would be much more appreciated than a new map.

The Storm Rising event was released to a mixed reception, with criticism on its lacking content. If this teaser is meant to foreshadow future content, then it would be a great time for more Overwatch for fans to enjoy.

Lead Overwatch writer Michael Chu has confirmed on Twitter that the interrogation takes place after Storm Rising and implies that it led to Doomfist's initial capture as depicted in his Origin video. In that case, this teaser could also lead to nothing whatsoever beyond a scrap of bridging lore.

Cover image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment