Overwatch Storm Rising Trailer Shows Tracer with Motorcycle

An Overwatch Storm Rising trailer was released Monday, the day before the event starts. The trailer showcased the overall feel of the mission.

New Storm Rising Trailer

The trailer confirms that the playable characters for the event will be Tracer, Winston, Genji, and Mercy. Tracer seems to be leading this mission as Reinhardt is indisposed.

The target is Maximilien. He's part of the Talon council and this will be the first time you'll see him inside the game. It's not known if you'll fight him like a final boss or if that will be Doomfist as he's the real target.

The event is also bringing new skins like Clown JunkratScientist MoiraTalon BaptisteDeadlock McCreeHigh Roller Wrecking BallFormal: 76, Gwishin Bastion, and Racer Zarya.

The event goes live on April 16.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard