Overwatch Streamer Shows Off Unique Trick With Winston's Shield

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Siarhai "Bogur" Alekau pulled off a rather saucy play, proving that higher-tier players are playing a different game than the rest of us. Even though the game is five years old, players will show off incredible plays, surprising the whole community.

Bogur popped his ultimate as he dealt with multiple enemies on the payload. He isolated the Widowmaker, taking her down as his ultimate dwindled. But he was low on health and some enemy players were still pushing the payload.

This is where the brilliance started. Bogur went up to the gate which opens once the payload arrives on the point and dropped his shield. The round dome went through the wall, giving him a slight protective shield on the other side while also preventing the enemy players from being able to hit a large portion of the dome. It paid off as the enemy D.Va used her ultimate to no avail as the dome protected the Winston.