Overwatch Summer Games went live Tuesday, marking the fourth such event in the game's history.

The Overwatch event brings seven new skins, a series of weekly challenges and the return of Lúcioball to the in-game queue.

Of the seven skins created for this year’s event, four are legendary: Kendoka Genji, Lúcioball Wrecking Ball, Surf ’N’ Splash Torbjörn and Wave Hanzo. The other three —American Reaper, Bundesadler Reinhardt and Zhongguo Mei — are epic, and can only be unlocked through the weekly challenge system.

Weekly challenges will task players with winning games each week of the event. At three wins, six wins and nine wins players will earn a different reward. Rewards include sprays, player icons and skins.

Lúcioball returns with a casual mode and the Copa Lúcioball, which serves as a ranked mode for the seasonal special.

Players will be able to unlock all the new cosmetics, plus any from previous Summer Games iterations, until the event concludes Aug. 5.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard