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Overwatch Summer Games Skins: Every New Skin Released

Overwatch Summer Games skins features seven new skins as part of the annual Overwatch Summer Games event. There are three new Epic and four new Legendary skins to collect. Here's every new skin release for this year's event.

Overwatch Summer Games Skins

Epic Skins

In tradition to the Summer Game's Olympic inspiration, the three epic skins feature Mei, Reaper, and Reinhardt representing their national flag colors.

Zhongguo (Chinese for China)
Mei - Zhongguo
Reaper -  American
Reaper - American
Reinhardt - Bundesadler
Reinhardt - Bundesadler

Legendary Skins

Legendary Skins are packed with Easter Eggs and references; this year's Summer Games skins are no exception.

Hanzo - Wave
Hanzo - Wave

Hanzo's rocking a fisherman motif, with his hair tied into a topknot and wearing a hachimaki headband. Hokusai's classic Japanese woodblock print The Great Wave off Kanagawa adorns his trunks, and his bow has a fishing reel attached to it. The kanji character on his quiver pack says umi, meaning sea.

Torbjorn - Surf 'n' Splash

Torb goes full pool party in this wacky skin, featuring all sorts of summertime toys. He is covered in seashells and sand castle molds, his hammer is inflatable, and his turret has a water tank. His rivet gun is a "Duper Damper", a play on Super Soaker. With his fanny pack, Torb's ready for some summer fun with his numerous children.

Wrecking Ball - Lucioball
Wrecking Ball - Lucioball

It seems so obvious that Hammond would get a sport ball skin. Hammond himself is dressed in a coach's outfit, complete with a whistle. The mech features giant legally-distinct-orange-sports-drink tanks feeding his blasters.

Genji - Kendoka
Genji - Kendoka

Genji appears in full kendo uniform, with the wooden sword acting as the scabbard for his normal sword. Kendo is the Japanese martial art of swordsmanship and kendoka is one who practices such art. The characters on his skirt say bushido, the samurai's code of honor.

These are all the new skins for Summer Games 2019. Remember to collect your free Summer Games 2019 Loot Box by logging in now, and good luck!

Photos courtesy of Blizzard.