Overwatch Support Tier List December 2021

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

With the month of December rolling in, players are looking for this month's support character tier list for Overwatch.

Read more below to see what we think about the characters this month:

Overwatch Support Tier List December 2021


S-Tier heroes are the best in the game at the moment and probably the ones you'll want on your team thanks to their movement and abilities.

1. Moira

Moira's healing ability is probably one of the best in the game at the moment. She can move fast on her own and her cooldowns are relatively shorter than most other healers.

When paired with our other S-Tier support, Mercy, she's even stronger for the team.

2. Mercy

Mercy's double ability with the capability to heal and buff her team makes her very strong. This coupled with her resurrection being turned into one of her normal abilities, she's a great pick to have on your team.


A-Tier heroes are those that may have some good things going for them but are average in speed or damage.

3. Lucio

Lucio is a good pick to have on any team with his speed and the way he can give movement buffs for the team. He's great for pushing the enemy or even retreating. Arguably, his wall run is the best thing he has going for him.

4. Baptiste

Baptiste is a hero that is best kept away from the action, providing support (and flank watch) from the back of the team.


B-Tier heroes are those that are decent enough if you know how to play them, and can usually hold their own in battle.

5. Zenyatta

Zenyatta is a support hero that can reasonably hold his own in battle, with his decent enough support and attack. Unfortunately, his lack of movement makes him one of the most fragile supports in the game.


C-Tier are heroes that require the player to be skilled in them to fully get use of their capabilities.

6. Ana

Ana is a partiularly difficult hero to master. With her choice of weapon being a sniper rifle, the player has to be able to hit quick shots scoped in and out to play her well.

All of Ana's abilities require the player to have a precise and steady shot.

7. Brigitte

Brigitte is also a hero that takes a little to get used to. She's good in situations where a healer is needed and can also be utilized as a tank, despite her main role being support.