Overwatch Support Tier List: July 2022


Here's our Overwatch support tier list for July 2022.

Support heroes are arguably the most important heroes when it comes to team composition in Overwatch. They keep their teammates alive and can provide damage boosts to help assist in critical moments, as well as healing heroes who have taken heavy damage.

With July seeing another hefty update for Overwatch, and Overwatch 2, the many balancing changes implemented have shifted the meta for heroes in every class, with the support hero meta getting a massive change.

Here's the current support tier list for July 2022:



  • Moira

Move out of the way Ana, there's a new hero in town. Moira has been receiving plenty of attention from Blizzard, especially in Overwatch 2. Her Overwatch counterpart is no different. She has high mobility and versatility compared to other support heroes. Her orbs can be used from any range, meaning regardless of her position she can damage enemies or heal allies. Her base abilities allow her to damage or heal in close range as well. Her Fade ability also allows her to escape from enemies quickly or rush in to save a teammate. With so much versatility and potential, she is without a doubt, the best support hero in the game currently.

Photo via Blizzard / Overwatch


  • Lúcio
  • Ana
  • Mercy

Lúcio climbs up the ranks and is finally returned to his former glory. The DJ is the most mobile hero in the game. With his wall running abilities and speed boost, he can quickly arrive to save players from harm. His Ultimate ability also has a great AOE and can save multiple heroes during a large push.

Ana and Mercy are still top support heroes as well. Their damage boosts and healing abilities make them solid options for players who want to start playing support. Both have a lower offensive capability than Lùcio or Moira, but make up for it with ultimate abilities that can completely change the momentum of a game.

Image courtesy of Blizzard


  • Zenyatta
  • Baptiste

Zenyatta and Baptiste are great support heroes, they just don't have the versatility that the top tier heroes do. Baptiste has decent damage, and his Immortality Field is great in a pinch, however his ultimate ability is severely lacking. His cooldowns are too long to be used effectively. Zenyatta has great range and a good ultimate that can prevent multiple healers from death, but his low health, and the fact that his main healing ability can only work on one hero at a time, holds him back from top tier status.

Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment


  • Brigitte

Once again, Brigitte is the worst support hero in the game. It feels as if Blizzard is unsure of how to use her. Her healing abilities focus more on armor, but she does have repair packs that can heal players as well. Her ultimate is lackluster, and her capabilities as a whole are simply worse than the other support heroes in the game.