Overwatch Support Tier List: June 2022

Photo via Blizzard / Overwatch

Here's our picks for the best and worst support heroes in Overwatch this June 2022.

Support heroes are crucial to a team's success. They may not be as popular as tanks or damage heroes, but support heroes are the lifeline to every Overwatch team. They heal players and help from afar, making sure the team can stay in the fight during big moments.

So, here's who we think are the best support heroes in the current Overwatch meta.

Overwatch Support Tier List: June 2022


  • Ana
  • Mercy

Ana and Mercy take our top spots when it comes to support heroes. Ana's sniper allows her to safely stay in the fight, as well as her sleep dart's potential to take players completely out of the fight make her a versatile character. Mercy, on the other hand, has high mobility, can fully resurrect characters, and can boost a player's damage. Both these characters are also easy to use, making them the clear choice for support players.


  • Zenyatta
  • Moira
  • Baptiste

Zenyatta and Moira both have unique abilities that help damage opposing characters, which make them popular choices for support players who want to also deal some damage. Zenyatta's range makes him viable from anywhere on the map, and his ultimate is great for healing a whole team in crucial moments. Moira is highly mobile and has projectiles that can be bounced strategically to either heal teammates or damage enemies. Her only downside is she lacks range in her attacks. What holds both heroes back, however, is that they take a little bit more skill to use. Besides that, Zenyatta and Moira are great picks. Baptiste has a medium-range, three-round burst that is great for healing, but lacks in damage. Baptiste may have one of the best range abilities out of any Support hero in the game. His Amplification Matrix helps boost damage, and his Immortality Field can help save other players at any moment. What holds Baptiste back is his complexity and low damage output.


  • Lucio

Unfortunately, Lucio has fallen from his top-tier self. He still has the best mobility out of any support hero, and his ultimate is still solid, but doesn't heal as much as the other support's ultimates. His speed boost adds an unique dimension to gameplay, but what holds Lucio back is that his healing ability is drastically slower than the other support heroes and he deals low damage. Lucio is still a decent choice but for support players, but he's not going to be as valuable as the top-tier heroes.


  • Brigitte

Brigitte is a unique tank/support hybrid. Because of this though, her healing capabilities fall tremendously short of the other Support characters. Her whip is great for damage, but her shield only protects her, making it useless in helping other characters. Her healing abilities have high cooldowns and short usage times. With so many better options at support, Brigitte is the one character who stands below the rest.

With Overwatch slowly coming to an end, and Overwatch 2 is on the horizon, it'll be interesting to see which direction Blizzard takes these iconic characters.