Overwatch Support Tier List October 2021

Here's our take on the best and worst Support heroes in Overwatch this October.
Here's our take on the best and worst Support heroes in Overwatch this October. / Activision Blizzard Entertainment

October is upon us, meaning we've compiled a new monthly tier list for Overwatch.

Fans have had quite a bit to contend with in September. From name changes to sequel news, Overwatch certainly doesn't feel the same as it did when this season began. Fortunately, we've been keeping up with the notes and rates of the roster.

Here's our take on the best and worst Support heroes in Overwatch this October.

Overwatch Support Tier List October 2021

S Tier

  • Lucio
  • Ana

Lucio has topped charts as a support for quite some time. His dual healing and crowd control abilities paired with maximum mobility makes him one of the most effective supports in Overwatch to date. It's not uncommon to see Lucio rushing to the rescue of a teammate who's fallen behind with a heal and a speed boost to get them out of danger. Extra shields don't hurt, either.

Ana, as well, is a support titan. She also pairs the ability to influence enemy movements with healing allies, but trades Lucio's mobility with general distance. Ana's long-range rifle allows her to keep out of the fray and last longer in team fights without needing to be babysat by the tank.

A Tier

  • Mercy
  • Moira

It's been a minute since we had Moira and Mercy realistically be within the same tier. These two have had quite the history—both at the top of the list near the height of their "careers" and now just being outclassed. Truthfully, the choice between these two is simple. If you want to do straightforward healing and would rather be further out of the action behind your tank, go with Mercy. If you don't have any issue diving into the fray every once in a while, pick Moira.

B Tier

  • Baptiste
  • Brigitte

Baptiste, unfortunately, very rarely manages to get out from under Ana's shadow. It's not that he has a bad kit or poor abilities, he simply doesn't synergize well with the top picked Tanks or DPS heroes at the moment. They're just a bit too broad were Ana's are direct and more catered to crowd control.

Meanwhile, Brigitte never truly rebounded after that massive nerf that shipped—what seems like—decades ago. However, we will say she can still be a good situational pick depending on team composition. The problem, here, is that armor will rarely save teammates from complete destruction in the heat of combat—and she can't be everywhere at once.

C Tier

  • Zenyatta

The era of Zenyatta appears to be over in Overwatch. What a shame—but at least he had a good run while it lasted.