Overwatch Support Tier List September 2021

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch is a vibrant and loud game, both in the audio and visual sense, with all the gunfire, projectiles, and other accompanying action constantly going on. Lost in the craziness sometimes is a team's Support line. The healing duo that allows a team to stay alive long enough to win a team fight.

While the best Support heroes vary by the type of composition players want to run, some, undoubtedly, are better options than others. Here's our Overwatch Support Tier List for Sept. 2021:


Baptiste Overwatch Support S-Tier September 2021
Baptiste lands in S-Tier atop all his fellow Support heroes. / Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment


Two words: Incredible output. Baptiste overs sustained and burst healing through his Biotic Launcher's secondary fire and regenerative burst ability. In addition, Baptiste can even switch into the DPS category with his strong burst rifle. His immortality field also allows him to keep virtually dead teammates alive while he heals them back to full. On top of everything, his amplification matrix remains an incredibly strong ultimate in nearly any scenario. It can turn to the tide of a fight by allowing Baptiste and his teammates to double their healing and damage. Finally, it also can create space should the enemy team move out of its line of sight to avoid the significant damage coming their way.


Ana Overwatch Support A-Tier September 2021
A consistent strong healer with great utility, Ana lands in the A-Tier / Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Ana, Mercy Zenyatta

Ana offers good healing through her sniper while her Sleep Dart excels at slowing down or completely shutting down pushes when used in conjunction with team. The dart can also completely shut down a hero's ultimate if it connects with them mid-ability. Her other ability, the Biotic Grenade, can either amplify her team's health or prevent the other team from healing, leaving them incredibly exposed to a dive. Finally, her Nano Boost ultimately boosts a teammate's health and damage allowing them to turn a fight or get the, incredibly influential, opening pick.

Mercy offers a great healing or damage boost to a selected teammate alongside great mobility due to her ability to fly toward teammates too. Additionally, her Valkyrie ultimate offers extra healing/damage to teammates nearby, not just one target, and even greater mobility in sustained flight. Not much needs to be said about her Resurrect ability, the ability is one of the most valuable in the game and can turn fights in an instant. 

Meanwhile, Zenyatta also offers great utility. His healing orb offer good healing output from range, while his discord orb allows teams to focus down the affected enemy at a rapid pace. The Transcendence ultimate makes it impossible to kill Zen and extremely hard to kill his nearby teammates due to the ability's immense healing output. This makes it incredibly powerful when pushing onto objectives or fending off a push.


Moira Overwatch Support B-Tier September 2021
Moira lands in B-Tier in the September 2021 rendition of DBLTAP's Overwatch Support Tier List / Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment


Moira offers good healing output and solid damage but much less utility and flexibility. Her ultimate, Coalescence, is great at simultaneously sustaining her teammates while pressuring her opponents.


Lúcio Overwatch Support C-Tier September 2021
Unfortunately for the Brazilian Support hero, Lúcio is unable to wall-ride his way past C-Tier / Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Brigette, Lúcio

These two off-healers offer a lot when used in proper compositions, but are just slightly worse than the others. While Lúcio brings speed and mobility he doesn’t come with a ton of healing output, meaning teams with greater healing can easily overpower Lúcio compositions. Brigette is a close-quarters healer who is only used in aggressive compositions, as she offers meager healing in comparison to her fellow Support heroes.


None of the Support heroes are definitively bottom tier as all bring good value into a variety of compositions.