Overwatch Surgical Strike Best Heroes

Overwatch Surgical Strike best heroes to complete the challenge
Overwatch Surgical Strike best heroes to complete the challenge / Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch Surgical Strike best heroes are important to know for any player looking to complete the Retribution Challenge Missions, which have been made available during Overwatch Anniversary.

These challenges typically have specific set of heroes that are best suited for the task. In Surgical Strike, only critical damage that typically comes from headshots counts. Players will need to focus on heroes in the roster that are capable of massive critical damage or heroes that can help others sustain that critical damage.

Overwatch Surgical Strike Best Heroes

Unsurprisingly, the two best DPS heroes for this challenge are Hanzo and Widowmaker. Both specialize in one-hit kills, precision with rapid fire, and have the best abilities suited to the task. Widow's ultimate was made for this challenge--which is another good piece of information to keep in mind if you're looking to defend. You'll be seeing quite a bit of them.

Orisa makes for a good shield in this challenge. You'll want to find a place where she can set up and let DPS pick off targets from a distance without having to worry about themselves. Hypothetically, you could run Reinhardt, but Orisa's more support-like abilities put her over the top and make him mostly obsolete.

Support players will want to run with Baptiste over other healers like Zenyatta. Immortality Field ranks higher than Transcendence and Baptiste remains mobile throughout. Don't get us wrong, Zen is great, but Baptiste has much better potential.