Overwatch Symmetra Combo Creates Devastating Strategy

This Symmetra combo is as surprising as it is devastating
This Symmetra combo is as surprising as it is devastating /

A new combo using Symmetra's Teleporter and Mei's Cryo-Freeze has players complaining yet again about the microwave-wielding damage hero.

This Overwatch strategy, showcased in an Oct. 3 YouTube video by Akshon Esports, relies on Symmetra's Teleporter's ability to transport objects in addition to players. Team Ireland head coach Brian "Scrivzy" Scriven explains the technique, which he calls Ice-Bombing.

The combo begins by placing all three of Symmetra's turrets on the ground. Once they're deployed, Symmetra then further stacks her Teleporter on top of them, instantly sending them through to the other side of the Teleporter.

This technique would be frustrating enough on its own for the other team, as Symmetra turrets essentially flank them out of nowhere. What pushes it to the next level is Mei following the turrets through the Teleporter and activating her Cryo-Freeze as soon as she comes out the other side.

By Cryo-Freezing on top of the turrets, Mei makes them completely invulnerable for several seconds, giving them free reign to deal a hefty chunk of damage.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard