Overwatch Tank Hero Tier List May 2020

Overwatch tank hero tier list for May 2020.
Overwatch tank hero tier list for May 2020. / Courtesy of Blizzard

This month's Overwatch tank hero tier list is quite different than the last time we ranked the tanks. Overwatch heroes, tanks included, rise and fall in effectiveness and popularity thanks to buffs and nerfs every month.

Here's how all the tank heroes stack up for May:

Overwatch Tank Hero Tier List May 2020

S Tier

The tanks in the S tier are the best at what they do. Shields are not the only secret to success anymore. Reinhardt is the best at keeping teammates safe because of his enormous walking shield. Zarya is another tank who does best with the rest of her team like Reinhardt, but she has more of a focus on damage. Wrecking Ball doesn't protect his team as much as other tanks, but he is unrivaled in terms of disrupting the enemy team.

  • Reinhardt
  • Zarya
  • Wrecking Ball

A Tier

The A tier tanks are still effective but not as good at their jobs as S tier tanks. Orisa is a good shield tank with much less mobility than Reinhardt, but with much more damage potential. D.Va and Winston are both good dive tanks with pretty good mobility and the ability to effectively jump onto snipers when necessary. They are both pretty good at protecting their team and do a decent amount of damage. Roadhog is the worst of the A tier at protecting his team, but the best and securing kills for the team thanks to his hook ability.

  • Orisa
  • D.Va
  • Winston
  • Roadhog

B Tier

The B tier tank just can't keep up with the others anymore. Sigma has been nerfed too much lately to be as effective as the other tanks. He has a good foundation with very useful abilities and damage potential, but he is not as good as the other tanks anymore.

  • Sigma