Overwatch Tank Hero Tier List September 2020: Best Tanks After Latest Patch

Overwatch Tank Hero tier list September 2020 will help you optimize your Tank compositions after the latest changes from Blizzard.
Overwatch Tank Hero tier list September 2020 will help you optimize your Tank compositions after the latest changes from Blizzard. / Photo by Blizzzard

Overwatch Tank Hero tier list September 2020 will help you optimize your Tank compositions after the latest changes from Blizzard. Blizzard's recent patch nerfed Roadhog and changed shotgun patterns, likely resulting in an adjusted meta.

Below is our Tank hierarchy for Overwatch in September of 2020.

Overwatch Tank Hero Tier List September 2020

Tanks in Overwatch all have situational uses, so no tier list is ever right for every situation. That being said, this tier list will provide generally the best picks:


• Reinhardt

• Zarya

Ah, things are once again as they should be. Reinhardt and Zarya have been the power combo basically since the game's inception. These two have remained at the top of the meta for most of the game's existence. August's Roadhog buff threw everything out of whack, as Reinhardt's shield was getting consistently annihilated — leaving his team wide open for hooks. With Roadhog's nerf bringing him back down to Earth, Reinhardt is back on top.

These tanks are a great combo, but are also viable with most team compositions. Reinhardt's shield is unmatched with its ability to constantly be moved and having the most health of any shield in the game. Zarya provides protection for herself and her team with her bubbles, and can be extremely lethal if kept alive while at full charge. These two also have the best Ultimates to set their team up to wipe the enemy.


• Sigma

• Roadhog

Although Sigma is difficult to master, he has one of the best Tank kits in the game. His shield can't be used like Reinhardt's, but utilizing it at the right moments can make it almost as impactful within each situation. A smart Sigma can time his shield to block Roadhog's hooks and even Reinhardt's Earthshatters. On top of this, his Accretion rock throw's stun ability allows him to shut down healing Roadhogs, deflecting Genjis, and all sort of other nuisances. On top of that, his Kinetic Grasp, like D.Va's Matrix, can suck up major burst damage in its short window — while providing Sigma shields relative to damage absorbed. His Ultimate is a little tricky to pull off, as he can be stunned out of it in midair, but can still be pretty powerful if his team capitalizes on the suspended enemies.

Despite his recent nerf, Roadhog is still a disruptor. He can still assist in shredding shields and, once they're down, easily pick off lower-health enemies with his Hook. Roadhog players just need to remain cognizant of the fact that they're not always being productive just because they're staying alive. Remember that all the health you recover with Take A Breather is damage the opposing team has already converted into Ultimate Charge. Roadhog's Ultimate is also fairly situational, so be ready to switch if its starting to feel like you're feeding.


• D.Va

• Winston

• Wrecking Ball

These two heroes have their situational uses, but more often than not mostly leave their teams wide open to attack. D.Va can easily be hooked by Roadhog or shredded by a high-charge Zarya. Winston can help deal with Genjis, Tracers, or Sombras but can immediately be shutdown by Reaper. Wrecking Ball is the most survivable of the three, but doesn't provide a ton besides harassing enemy hitscans.

If you're having trouble closing space, these heroes are good picks to get to distant enemies. Just make sure you have proper healing to support them, and are ready to switch off when the enemy team starts countering.


• Orisa

Orisa is not in a great spot right now. Her measly, immobile shield can get torn down quite quickly with how much damage output there currently is in the game. Although she can put new shields up relatively quickly, she's basically a sitting duck in the interim. Her Fortify makes her immune to stuns and pulls, and her Halt! can line multiple enemies up for fire from teammates — but these abilities pale in comparison to those of other tanks. On top of this, her Ultimate is essentially the same as an Ulting teammate Mercy providing a damage boost to the whole squad. You'd much prefer to have Mercy and a better Tank.