Overwatch Tank Heroes Tier List March 2020

Who are the best Tanks in Overwatch for March 2020? Here's the tier list.
Who are the best Tanks in Overwatch for March 2020? Here's the tier list. / Photo by Blizzard

Overwatch tank heroes tier list shows some trends that have been present since the game's inception. The value of each tank is in flux for each match, as composition and strategies shift between dive or brawl. Here is the Overwatch tank tier list for March, based on their overall utility and performance.

Overwatch Tank Heroes Tier List March 2020

S Tier


D.Va once again remains at the top.
D.Va once again remains at the top. / Photo by Blizzard

D.Va's Defense Matrix still proves to be one of the best defensive abilities. Coupled with her strong mobility and offensive options, it makes D.Va the best tank this month by far.


Photo by Blizzard

Winston handles a similar role to D.Va, combining high mobility and damage with good protection for his team. His Barrier Projector can take a lot of hits but can't totally phase out some of the attacks D.Va can negate. He does handle dives and flankers well.

A Tier


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Rein has always been a solid, reliable and all around good tank. He's just so consistent that you'll never not want him on your team. Reinhardt is also good to counter diver strategies.


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Orisa is currently banned for the first week of Season 21, as penance for her over-dominance last week. Otherwise, she has solid performance on a variety of maps and against most team compositions.

Wrecking Ball

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Wrecking Ball follows the same trend as the other high level tanks: Mobility and high defensive capabilities. Wrecking Ball can serve as good disruption, but he doesn't protect the team as well.

B Tier


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Zarya doesn't perform too well against dive, but is still a solid pick in most cases. She works best with the rest of her team like Reinhardt.


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Roadhog works his best picking enemies off, but is easily stopped by Mei. He doesn't support his team that well, and that can lead to awkward confrontations against dives.


Photo by Blizzard

Sigma was quite the menace when he was first introduced, but in true Overwatch fashion he's been nerfed into the ground and isn't as flexible as the other tanks now. He has some buffs hanging out in the PTR, but there's no word when that will go live.