Overwatch Tank Tier List August 2021

Let’s talk about the best and worst picks for the tank role in Overwatch this August 2021.
Let’s talk about the best and worst picks for the tank role in Overwatch this August 2021. / Blizzard Entertainment
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Let’s talk about the best and worst picks for the tank role in Overwatch this August 2021.

Tanks are vital to the success of an Overwatch team. Like supports, their job revolves around their teammates security. They are incharge of paving the way for others rather than ensuring they survive. Tanks are the shepherds of the team—providing a safe haven for their flock and acting as a ward against pick-hungry opponents on the point or while trying to capture the payload.

Here’s our verdict on all eight tank heroes and how they’ll perform in Overwatch for August 2021.

Overwatch Tank Tier List August 2021

We’ve organized our list based on skill, versatility, and the level of safeguard a tank provides. Below are our picks for the best and worst tanks in Overwatch.


  • Reinhardt
  • Wrecking Ball

Reinhardt is a tried and true cornerstone of the tank role. His barrier has quite the reputation of showering teammates from eager Widowmakers or over-aggressive Baptistes. Meanwhile his thick hide can serve as a decent block in and of itself. Paired with an Ana or even a Brigitte can make Reinhardt a terrifying sight.

Wrecking Ball is a tricky tank—best used to annoy the enemy team and bully them rather than shield his team. It might take some practice to master when or how to get involved, of course, but fully realized Wrecking Ball can shatter an opposing team’s defenses with ease—leaving them open to be cleaned up by ally damage dealers.


  • Zarya
  • Sigma

Everyone loves Zarya’s bubble. Another tricky tank, Zarya has the unique ability to choose a single teammate to save from certain death. When focused on an ult-ing Mercy or bullied Reaper, this decision can set up a path to victory.

Sigma is among the most recent additions to the tank role. As a barrier tank, Sigma is best known for his ability to drop barriers wherever needed while firing at opponents and keeping them at bay. There was once a time when he dominated the scene—but his ultimate is one of the easiest survived, making him more of a moving tower than true threat.


  • Roadhog
  • D.va

Roadhog, like Wrecking Ball, has a kit more tailored to making trouble for the enemy team than protecting this teammates. The most common maneuver for him, of course, is to hook and pull opponents while battling, making his presence a consistent check for those who wander within the range.

D.va, on the other hand, while popular, requires a higher skill threshold to play correctly. Novice D.va’s run the risk of ruining their bomb throws or placements. A ill-utilized Defense Matrix does about as much for projectiles as a strip of tissue paper—even more difficult considering its smaller area of effect than a true barrier like Rein or Sigma.


  • Winston
  • Orisa

Winston hasn’t be a formidable tank in some time. His ultimate can be deadly when paired with a nano from Ana, but otherwise he tends to be a situational pick. He does have some great skins, however—since we all know fashion is the true endgame.

Orisa is the least versatile of the barrier tanks. There was once a time where she dominated the selection, too, when the double-barrier meta was all top players could talk about. However, Orisa finds herself outdone by other heroes of her class and often out-shot by them, too.

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