Overwatch Tank Tier List: July 2022


Here's our Overwatch Tank Tier List for July 2022

Ah, another month, another change in the Overwatch Tank meta. Tanks serve as the backbone for any successful team composition. Tank heroes help defend their teams from damage, as well leading the charge for offensive pushes.

Last month, we released a Tank Tier list where heroes like D.Va and Reinhardt were the clear-cut best tanks in the game. With a few updates and the integration of some abilities from Overwatch 2, let's see what's changed in the Tank meta.

Overwatch Tank Tier List: July 2022

Here are our picks for best Tanks in Overwatch:

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  • Winston
  • D.Va
  • Wrecking Ball

Winston flies into the top spot after being one of the less viable tanks last season. His area of damage, high mobility, and defensive capabilities make him one of the most versatile tanks in the game. D.Va only fell one spot down, but she is still a fantastic tank with a great ultimate for crowd control. Wrecking Ball offers high damage and great crowd control, which also earns him a top spot.

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  • Reinhardt
  • Sigma
  • Zarya
  • Roadhog

Reinhardt is still a viable option, with high defense and great close-quarters combat. Sigma offers long rage attacks and solid defense, making him a unique, but an effective tank. Zarya may have lackluster damage at first, but if used right she can wipe out multiple opponents. She also has a great ultimate that can be paired with other heroes. Roadhog can isolate heroes with his hook and self-heal, making him a self-reliant tank.

Courtesy of Blizzard


  • Orisa

Orisa isn't inherently bad, but the other tanks are just simply better. She has low mobility, her shields have low health, and her abilities have high cooldown rates. She can still be viable if used correctly, but we advise that you use another option.