Overwatch Tank Tier List: June 2022


Welcome to our Overwatch tank tier list for June 2022!

Overwatch, the mega-popular 6v6 action shooter, is home to many unique characters that have different abilities and are divided into classes to help players build a balanced team when playing the game.

Tanks play a pivotal role in team composition. Tanks are used to take damage away from their team, they deal high damage, and help lead their team to objectives. Where heroes like Soldier 76 and Genji are strictly offensive characters, tanks have flexibility in playing offensively and defensively.

Here's our picks for what tanks fit the current meta, and who you should be playing as this month.

Overwatch Tanks Tier List: June 2022


1. D.Va

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D.Va flies into our top spot. She might not have the best damage for a tank, but her mobility, defensive capabilities, and a great crowd-controlling ultimate makes her one of the most diverse and dangerous heroes in the game.

2. Reinhardt

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Reinhardt is a fan favorite and for good reason. Ever since the inaugural season of Overwatch, Reinhardt has been a top-tier tank. He has great damage, strong defensive capabilities, and balanced mobility. His ultimate can also destroy an opponent's push if used correctly.

3. Wrecking Ball

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Wrecking Ball may be a newer addition to the Overwatch roster, but his impact already has changed the meta. Wrecking Ball is a little lackluster when it comes to defense, but his high damage, mobility, and an excellent ultimate helps propel him to our number three spot.


4. Sigma

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Sigma is another more recent addition to the Overwatch family. He has great crowd control abilities, a mobile shield, and his only downside is that he lacks the range that other tanks have.

5. Roadhog

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Roadhog has fallen off in recent updates, but make no mistake, he is still a great tank. His hook can take out key players, his self-healing ability allows support heroes to focus on other teammates, and Roadhog has great damage. His only flaw is that he lacks any sort of deployable shield, which is used greatly in the current meta.

6. Zarya


Zarya is one of the most interesting tanks to use. Her main abilities help boost her teammates' defense and attack capabilities. She also has a great ultimate that can be paired with other ultimates to completely wipe out the enemy team. Her difficulty to use, and her lack of mobility is what holds her back from S-Tier.


7. Winston


Winston may be a fan favorite, but he, unfortunately, falls flat as a tank. Winston has strong defensive capabilities, great mobility, and a good ultimate for crowd control. His biggest weaknesses are is his offensive abilities, and his incredibly high usage difficulty. With players needing to be high skilled to even use him effectively on top of the fact that he does little damage, it's hard to recommend him to new/casual players. With that being said, if used properly Winston can be highly effective.

C -Tier

8. Orisa


Orisa is the clear-cut worst tank in the game. Her shields have little health, her abilities have an insanely high cooldown rate, and she has some of the lowest damage rates of all the heroes. On top of that, she has little mobility. The potential is there for strong crowd control and zoning, but she simply lacks the offensive and defensive capabilities of the other tanks in the game.

So, there's our list of the Overwatch Tanks Tier List for June: 2022. To stay up to date on the ever-changing meta, and updates on the Overwatch sequel, check out our Overwatch page here.