Overwatch Tank Tier List September 2021

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Known for being the damage absorbers on the front lines, tanks create space and allow their DPS openings to get the first pick. This essential role deserves every ounce of praise it gets, but which tanks deserve it the most? Let's check out the Overwatch Tank tier list for September 2021:


Zarya Overwatch Tank S-Tier September 2021
Zarya's ability to protect teammates while putting out high damage puts her in S-Tier / Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

D.Va, Zarya

D.Va and Zarya both offer great protection for their teammates. D.Va's defense matrix and Zarya's bubble completely negate damage. Zarya even transfers the damage her bubble takes and uses it against the enemies. Both tanks are lethal in tight spaces and provide huge utility to their team.


Sigma Overwatch Tank A-Tier September 2021
Sigma offers good versatility and damage absorbtion / Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Sigma, Winston

Sigma and Winston offer aggressive positions and adaptable barrier placement. Both their weapons are also effective at close range and able to damage multiple enemies simultaneously. Sigma's hypersphere's provided area of effect damage while Winston's Telsa cannon can target multiple enemies. Both are also good at creating space through their basic abilities and even more so through the ultimates. Winston is also one of the best dive heroes in the game and provide's great fight initiation while the rest of his team pushes in while the enemy is distracted. Either Sigma or Winston should be welcome additions to nearly any composition.


Reinhardt Overwatch Tank B-Tier September 2021
Reinhardt's barrier is a staple of Overwatch and many still rely on it / Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Orisa, Reinhardt, Wrecking Ball

Orisa and Reinhardt offer good protection for the team through their barriers and both can be played aggressively. Wrecking Ball's and Orisa's guns both have nice damage output for a tank while Reinhardt has great damage but requires to be right up in the enemy's face. These three tanks are solid options, though better ones are out there.


Roadhog Overwatch Tank C-Tier September 2021
Roadhog doesn't work well in many team compositions / Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment


While Roadhog may be one of my favorite heroes, he is not a practical addition to any team composition and I don't recommend running him unless your team specifically plans for the Roadhog pick.