Overwatch to Apex Sensitivity Calculations

Overwatch to Apex sensitivity is important to be able to calculate if you want to bring your best performance to either game. Despite being on the same platform, not every title has the same sensitivity settings. If you want to make sure you're hitting your marks every time, you'll need to be able to calibrate between the two.

Here's what we know about the mouse sensitivity between Overwatch and Apex Legends.

Overwatch to Apex Sensitivity Calculations

With the two biggest patches to date coming up — the 1.41 "Remaster" for Overwatch and Season 3 of Apex Legends — it's not surprising players want to tweak their settings for maximum precision.

Many elements can be taken into account when calculating the sensitivity between two games. Physics engines making things heavier and offering resistance in-game as well as field of view (FOV) and monitor image quality measured in dots per inch (DPI).

All of those things can make an impact on gameplay and affect how much a flick of the mouse actually means. They also help manage lag without affecting the graphics too much.

Across the board, it would appear Overwatch's physics engine is a little heavier than that of Apex Legends. Therefore, players transitioning from Apex Legends to Overwatch would need to increase the sensitivity on Blizzard's title to get the same experience.

If you find the calculations a bit challenging to do on your own, the internet has plenty of already-coded calculators for you to use.

Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment, Respawn Entertainment