Overwatch Trick Helps Pharah Destroy D.Va Bombs

Overwatch Trick Helps Pharah Destroy D.Va Bombs
Overwatch Trick Helps Pharah Destroy D.Va Bombs / Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

D.Va bombs are considered one of the most damaging elements in Overwatch, but fans suspect that Pharah's abilities can help counter this self-destruct weapon.

Overwatch Trick Helps Pharah Destroy D.Va Bombs

When throwing a D.Va weapon, this bomb ultimately self destructs within three seconds, and fans are often struggling to hide before the weapon explodes. Players generally protect themselves with a shield, but it is still unlikely to fully brace a D.Va bomb.

Fortunately, Overwatch fans discovered how Pharah is able to counter the full effects of a D.Va explosion. Pharah's Concussive Blast can hit a D.Va weapon, changing its course in the air.

Concussive Blast helps Pharah change her location and kicks off opponents from the map. Alternatively, players can change a D.Va bomb's trajectory away from their characters.

Although the Concussive Blast might not extend the D.Va bomb into a farther distance from the player, it can be used to place the bomb into a location that can subdue its effects. For example, players can hurl the D.Va bomb into the water or behind a large object, reducing the effects of the blast.

However, players have to hit the D.Va bomb at the perfect time when trying to place it into a certain location.

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