Overwatch Update 3.17 Patch Notes: Everything You Need to Know

Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

A new update for Overwatch has been released. In Patch 3.17, players can expect to see some handy changes and bug fixes coming to the game.

As always with a game like Overwatch, there are some issues that need to be ironed out. This recent update hopes to fix some of the problems players might have noticed cropping up recently. Patch 3.17 looks to add some quality of life improvements to the game, as well as some bug fixes to maps, heroes, and everything in-between.

Here are all the patch notes for this recent update.

Overwatch Patch Notes 3.17: Everything You Need to Know

General Updates:

As part of the quality of life improvements, a Custom Game Browser has been added to the game. New Custom Game Browser tabs include:

  • Popular
  • Favorites
  • Recent
  • All Games

New Custom Game setting

  • Mode Name

"In order to help identify modes, we’ve added a new Mode Name setting right above the Description in Custom Game Settings. This Mode Name will be used to represent modes in the Custom Game Browser tabs. Creators are encouraged to reupload their modes with Mode Name filled out. (If it isn’t filled out, the share code itself is displayed instead.)"

Competitive: 3-v-3 Lockout Elimination Season 4 has begun.

Bug Fixes - General

  • Fixed a bug that prevented console players from seeing their Top 500 prestige icons while in a match.
  • Fixed a bug that caused match pool icons to appear missing from match replay listings.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Season 28 and Season 29 statistics to look the same in career profile.
  • Fixed a bug with the 2020 new year's hat player icon description that displayed 2021.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "We need a healer" ping message to appear in a role queue match despite having two healers on the team.
  • Fixed a bug with the custom game browser that prevented Game Mode options from being selected when using a controller.
  • Fixed a bug with the career profile that showed competitive CTF seasons in the incorrect order on the stats tab.

Bug Fixes - Maps

  • Busan: Fixed a bug with the cow sign that caused the fork to not be attached properly.
  • Lijiang Tower: Fixed a bug on the Control Center map that allowed players to use Junkrat's RIP-Tire to clip through map geometry and reveal an enemy team's positioning.
  • Temple of Anubis: Fixed a bug that allowed Junkrat to use his RIP-Tire ultimate underneath map terrain.

Bug Fixes - Heroes

  • Doomfist: Fixed a bug where Rocket Punch would sometimes not play impact effects or animations when hitting a wall.
  • Mei: Fixed a bug with her Kneel emote that caused her eyes to not animate properly.
  • Reaper: Fixed a bug that caused some of an enemy Reaper's visual effects to display as friendly instead of hostile when on low damage effects settings.
  • Soldier: 76: Fixed a bug that caused his "Show Some Respect" voice line to not play properly if the Grillmaster skin was equipped.
  • Symmetra: Fixed a bug that caused the player camera to briefly appear in unplayable space when traveling through her teleporter.

Bug Fixes - Custom Games

  • The Description text box no longer converts newline characters to spaces.