Overwatch Workshop aim training is now possible for players wanting to improve their aim. Some of them are more specific for certain heroes while others work for any type of aiming character.

Here are the three best Workshop codes to improve your aim.

1. OW Aim Trainer

Created by YouTuber PMAJellies, the game is effectively the same as specialized aim training games like Aim Hero, but inside of Overwatch Workshop mode. It's the perfect workshop to practice on any hero. The Workshop code is WRP63.

2. Darwin's Ana Nade Tool

This workshop gives you stats and a visual indicator to practice throwing Ana's healing grenade. It's the perfect tool to practice how far you can throw the grenade and how much damage it can do. The Workshop code is VQ077.

3. Darwin's McCree Flashbang Tool

Just like the Ana tool, you can work on using McCree's Flashbang with a visual indicator showing you distance and effect range. The code isn't quite available, but it will be soon! Check back with Darwin to find out when it goes live!

Photo courtesy of Blizzard