Overwatch Workshop Codes: 5 Codes You Need to Try

Overwatch Workshop codes have dominated the Overwatch community as the new feature has provided an excellent spark to the game. You can have a fun time playing unique and creative modes other fans created inside the Workshop.

Here are five codes you need to try out!


It's an interesting take and it's actual fun for players to try out the mode! All three phases make players slower which allows for a more chaotic mode. It's no Fortnite, but maybe that's a good thing!

2. Ultimate Dodgeball - ATDWA

Showcased by two Doomfists on Elimination map Castillo, the ball starts in the middle of the map on top of the statue. Then, players can pick up the ball which reacts accordingly to the user in control. If you hit the enemy, they die. The ball has coded physics as well to bounce off of surfaces, a showcase of how in-depth and detailed coders and creators can be in the Overwatch Workshop.

3. Ana Paintball



Reddit user JinkoNorray created and updated the Ana paintball maps. They're a fast paced game mode with teleporters and jump pads. It's chaotic has you see Anas flying around the map. Some of the recent improvements include making players use the in-game "Hello" whenever they pick up a kill, freezing players who scope for too long, and removing icons from above players' heads.

4.  Super Smash Bros: QV90V

Overwatch player HaxD3 created a Super Smash. Bros themed map showcased by Unit Lost's YouTube channel. HaxD3 turned part of Hanamura, the control map, into a full-fledged Smash Bros. stage. The highlight of the Overwatch Workshop here is how the camera has been altered to be 2D like in Smash Bros. It's a blast and one of the rougher modes since it came so early, but it's still worth trying.

5. Top-Down Overwatch – 7KR0G

You can turn Overwatch into a type of MOBA with an amazing top-down view. It's rather hilarious to not tell what is in front of you and randomly run into four enemies. It's a great experience and a good change of pace.