A new creation on the Overwatch Workshop allows Reaper to phase through walls during his Wraith Form ability.

The Workshop script finds success in its limited scope. DarwinStreams looked to make Overwatch's resident spooky ghost even spookier, and the footage he shared of the mod in action shows they've pulled it off.

In the demonstration clip, Reaper uses Wraith Form to pass through walls and surprise an entire team with his ultimate. He does the same thing with a lone Mei who thinks she's safe behind her Ice Wall.

Darwin is anything but new to the Workshop. He's already created several scripts using the Worshop, including the viral script allowing Bastion's ultimate to fire Torbjörns instead of rockets.

Fans on Reddit have already suggested what he should work on next: A script to allow Reinhardt to charge through walls reciting the classic Kool-Aid catchphrase. Keep an eye on Darwin's Twitter to see if he takes on the challenge.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard