Popular Overwatch Workshop creator DarwinStreams revealed a new mode Sunday featuring a fun spin on Deathmatch.

The Overwatch Workshop lets players craft and create their own custom modes for others to play. DarwinStreams, one of the more popular content creators to pop up during the Workshop craze, created popular modes including Lucio Pro Skater and Reinhardt Shield Bash.

They've even used the Workshop to rework animations in the game particularly Genji's blade dash.

Here's a look at one of DarwinStreams' newest modes.

Instead of prioritizing kills, players are tasked with racking up 10,000 total damage. DarwinStreams makes their case for the mode by saying kill stealing isn't relevant nor playing annoying DM heroes like Roadhog.

For those wanting to try the new mode, head to the DarwinStreams Discord channel or the EloHell page.

Photo courtesy of DarwinStreams