Overwatch Workshop Hits Live Servers for Overwatch Anniversary

The Overwatch Workshop went live Tuesday in conjunction with the start of Overwatch Anniversary.

Blizzard introduced the Workshop, a new custom game browser and creator mode, in April on the Public Test Realm. Players were quick to try it out, recreating other games in the Overwatch client. Games like Flappy Bird featuring Pharah, Super Smash Bros, and even a battle royale mode were made in the Workshop.

Overwatch Workshop Hits Live Servers for Overwatch Anniversary

The new tool arrived alongside Overwatch Anniversary, the seasonal event celebrating the game's birthday. "Over the last three years, you've escorted endless payloads, captured countless points, and booped oodles of enemies. Now that's something to celebrate! Welcome to Overwatch Anniversary 2019!" Blizzard said in its Twitter announcement.

Overwatch Anniversary introduced even more new skins to the game following the Overwatch Storm Rising Archives event. These new skins include Gargoyle Winston, Academy D.Va and a leaked Mei skin now known as Honeydew.

Now, that the Overwatch Workshop is readily available to the entire community, here are five codes players should try.

Overwatch Anniversary is scheduled to run May 21 through June 10.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard