Overwatch Workshop Mod Reworks Genji's Dash Animation

A new Overwatch Workshop mod showcases what Genji's dash would be like if it had a little more flair.

Necros showcased the Workshop mod from DarwinStreams showing praise for Genji's reworked animation. The Overwatch Workshop has played host to some unnecessary, yet awesome modifications. This Genji change falls directly into that category.

Take a look at DarwinStreams' Genji dash animation mod from Necros' point-of-view.

Genji's dash gets a third person perspective on input. Currently, the dash only is a first person view. "Just a very slight camera change makes the whole thing a lot more satisfying," DarwinStreams said in a tweet.

The Overwatch Workshop has opened up endless possibilities for content creators to meddle with physics, mechanics and the overall enjoyment in Overwatch. It's put new meaning on the term 'replay value' and this Genij dash reanimation is a perfect example.

Photo courtesy of DarwinStreams