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Overwatch Workshop Mode Lets Players Practice Against Sombra

Overwatch Workshop extraordinaire DarwinStreams is back with yet another creation designed to improve players' mechanics.

DarwinStreams rose to Reddit and Overwatch fame when the Workshop took off. His modes cover a wide array from range visualizer tools, creative ports, twists on traditional modes and more.

The latest mode acts as a practice tool against one of the most difficult abilities to deal with in the game. Check it out.

Overwatch Workshop Mode Lets Players Practice Against Sombra

DarwinStreams' newest mode is the Anti EMP Practice tool.

Sombra's EMP ultimate ability is one of the more pesky tools to combat in Overwatch. It shuts down opposition's abilities forcing them to lie solely on their primary fire.

While tracing a computer AI character in training mode is a beneficial tool to hone aiming, whether hitscan or projectile, the Sombra bot is where the real test comes in. Since the bot is set to Hard difficulty, Sombra makes use of her Translocator and invisibility.

Try out the Anti EMP Practice mode in the Overwatch Workshop with code PS3P4.

Photo courtesy of DarwinStreams