Overwatch Workshop Mode Plays Mario Music

Overwatch Workshop mode plays Mario music on the piano.
Overwatch Workshop mode plays Mario music on the piano. / Image courtesy of Blizzard

A video posted on Reddit shows off a new trend in the Overwatch Workshop: live music. Using the Workshop, players have been creating a team of invisible Symmetras that play music using the piano on the Paris map.

The Mario songs that play in the video are Title Screen, Save Select, Intro, Bob-omb Battlefield, Peach's Castle, Dire Dire Docks, Bowser's Message and Bowser Levels. This isn't the first video in the trend.

The best part about this new trend is that PC players can make their own without needing to know how to play the piano. Console players will have to settle for already created custom games.

How to Create Your Own Overwatch Concert

1. Download a MIDI file of your choice

If you already have a MIDI file for the song you're looking for then skip this step.

2. Use the MIDI converter

The MIDI converter turns the file into Overwatch custom game settings. It creates the team of invisible Symmetra's that will play up to a few minutes of any song.

3. Copy and Paste the settings into an Overwatch custom game

Simply start creating a custom game and paste in the provided settings.