Overwatch Workshop Mode Puts Creative Twist on Kills and Cooldowns

The Overwatch Workshop hit live servers in the Overwatch Anniversary patch and fans are letting their creative juices flow.

The Workshop allows fans to create custom game modes in Overwatch. Players began testing out the limitations of the feature, seeing what they could create. The results were just what Overwatch was missing to keep it fresh. Players started creating battle royale modes, porting other games and more.

Here's the latest creation that's taken Reddit by storm.

Reddit user u/DarkyPaky created a mode that rewards players for securing kills. If players get an enemy kill, their cooldowns are refunded immediately.

The mode showcases heroes like Tracer and Hanzo spamming their abilities after getting kills. It creates for a hectic deathmatch mode where abilities will be plentiful.

For those wanting to try the mode, codes are available in the DarwinStreams discord or Workshop.elohell.gg.