Overwatch Zenyatta Player Takes an Incredible Leap of Faith

In-game shot of Zenyatta from Overwatch
In-game shot of Zenyatta from Overwatch / Photo by Blizzard

Players uploading clips of their 6ks to Reddit isn't new by any means, but this clip caught by a Reddit user shows off a stunt that most players won't risk attempting.

The above clip happened on Nov, 9 in a quickplay match, with the player sporting the A-Tier hero Zenyatta. When Zenyatta's Transcendence ultimate ability fails to save a few teammates, the player falls back to group up with the rest of the team.

Missing Symmetra's teleporter back to safety by just a second or two, the player takes a leap of faith in an attempt to survive while being chased and shot at by the enemy.

Zenyatta is saved from a fall to their death by a stray Junkrat explosive, which boosts the player up and back to the other side, where the rest of their team is waiting.

The player later wrote in a reply, "A strong offence is the best escape ability."

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