Palpitoad Pokemon GO: Where to Find

Palpitoad Pokemon GO: Best tips for catching this frog
Palpitoad Pokemon GO: Best tips for catching this frog / The Pokemon Company, Niantic Labs

Palpitoad Pokemon GO is the latest addition to the frog-like family in Generation 5.

Generation 5 saw the introduction of a new grade school reminiscent frog evolutionary family in the form of Tympole, Palpitoad, and the eventual final form Seismitoad. Now, with the Unova Week Ultra Unlock in effect, trainers are starting to run into this group much more frequently.

Here's everything you need to know about Palpitoad.

Palpitoad Pokemon GO: Where to Find

Trainers can find Palpitoad and Tympole much as they could with Poliwag and Poliwhirl from the first Pokemon generation—near bodies of water or during rainfall. Tympole may also hatch from low-distance eggs to be evolved.

Visually, Palpitoad appears to be a larger Tympole. It has an oblong body with two little feet bearing three toes, a tiny fin-like tail, three large bumps on its head, and two bubbles on either side of its body to give the impression of arms.

Palpitoad has a maximum CP of 1392, attack stat of 128, defense of 109, and stamina of 181. It can have a maximum health pool of 154.

There's isn't such an immediate use or demand for Palpitoad on its own. Most trainers elect to evolve it into Seismitoad without much thought. For those looking to put their new Pokemon to work in gyms or raids, its best moveset is the quick move Bubble and the charged move Earth Power.

Its PokeDex number is 536. This Pokemon is best known for vibrating the bumps on its head to cause massive waves or earthquake-like shockwaves on land, earning the title "Vibration Pokemon." It's likely that this is where the "seismic" theme of its final form comes from. Otherwise, its most notable trait is using "its long, sticky tongue to immobilize its opponents," according to the PokeDex.

Palpitoad evolves from Tympole using 25 candies. From there, trainers can evolve it into Seismitoad using 100 candies.

Shiny Palpitoad is a bright cyan or teal color with yellow accents.